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Making a dream come true?


Have you dreamed in doing something that comes naturally for you and have a passion for?  Well, like you, I have too.  Last January, I was really restless with regards to my life.  It was probably the start of my mid-life crisis (at least I hope that’s what this is).  I felt I needed to make a drastic change to shake up my life.

In my demented way of thinking, my only two choices were either move to California or start a business.  There are a multitude of other choices that I could have considered like change jobs, hair color, buy a new outfit, re-decorate a room, etc. to shake up my life.  To me, those other items were not even an option.  Funny, now that I look back at it.  I did decide to stay where I lived (stay in Minnesota versus California?) and start a ‘side’ business to filter my creative side.  I bet your reaction is “so”?  Well, it takes a lot of courage for me, an introvert to put ideas out there to be judged and critiqued.

My journey to start Décorganize materialized with a road trip.  My two cousins and I drove from Minneapolis to Tempe, AZ to watch the Gopher vs. Cyclone football bowl game last New Year’s Eve day 2009/2010.  We brainstormed company name ideas, themes, and words that best described my vision during our 20+ hour drive each way.  The name Décorganize was born!

Yep, beers at the game, laughs and a lot of cousin teasing throughout the trip made this happen!  By the way, Cyclones beat the Gophers!



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