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There are such things as “Staging Classes”?


Coming off of designing my logo (with help from my cousin) and naming a future company, I was jazzed.  It was happening!  Could you believe it?  Here is someone who is a HGTV junkie (seriously, have HGTV on as background noise so I don’t miss a show that I haven’t seen)!

Right away, in January 2010, I signed up for a staging class with Center Home Stage TM.  It was a great class one that lasted for two days that I would highly recommend for learning some business practices and how to stage a home.  The class was very interesting and enlightening.  Did you know that furniture placement alone can open up a room and give the illusion of a bigger space?  Do you know about the rule of three – at least three lamps should be spread about the room in opposite corners?  Also, a q-tip is a stager’s best friend in dabbing paint in the nail hole in the wall.

A lot of what staging is common sense.  Packing up the clutter, highlighting focal points of each room, and moving around furniture to create spaciousness and to draw potential buyers into each of the rooms seems easy, right?  Well, that is not always the case for homeowners.  Homeowners sometimes have difficulty in detaching the sentimental thinking that goes with an object in a room, or the fact that their ‘home’ is now a house for sale.  A stager can objectively make the decisions to bring the best features out in the home to sell more quickly and for a
higher price!

The class was a great experience – now, to get my certificate, I need to send in a final exam.  The final exam project will be fun!


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