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Thanksgiving Tablescape

Happy Fall and Thanksgiving!  Out of the goodness of my parent’s hearts (and I am guessing to help me keep busy since I lost my job a couple of weeks ago), they invited me to tablescape their dining room table for their annual Thanksgiving dinner.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

My goal was to utilize what decorations Mom and I had, without purchasing anything.  I gathered all of my fall decorations, and Mom gathered her decorations.  The only new items purchased were the fresh flowers and a set of classic metal napkin holders.  That’s it!

Here’s a full view of the table tablescaped for Thanksgiving.

Dining Room Table

The linens used, make this table spectacular when place mats are layered on the table cloth.  Two place mats were used at the ends, and on the sides of the table only one place mat was used.

Burgundy colored flowers in low glass vases were placed in the center of the table with pine cones, acorns, and candles in glass holders sprinkled throughout giving the table a relaxed elegant look.

Additionally, there are three elements repeated on this table – glass, silver, and the same color family is used. The colors repeated are in the table cloth, place mats, flowers, acorns, and pine cones.  Glass is in the candle holders and flower vases, and of course, the wine and water glasses.  The silver touch gave the table a little more bling by using the silver chargers beneath the white plates next to the silverware.

Here is a close up of an end place setting with double place mats.  The silver charger, dinner plate, then the napkin are layered on the placemats.  No salad plates were used since the plan is for the guest to dish up their meal at a buffet.

End place setting

Here is a close up of a side place setting with one place mat.  Two different napkin rings were used as well, the beaded napkin ring and the bronze rings.  Not everything needs to match!

Side place setting

Candle holders up close showing the faux acorns in the bottom of the candle holder.
I hope you enjoyed this and maybe, it gave you some ideas as the Holiday season moves into full swing.
Take care,

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