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Can we really follow our dreams?


Here I am, unemployed, looking for a Project Management/Business Analyst consulting job, and not feeling energized.  I talked to my former boss from a couple of jobs ago over drinks last night, and usually I get excited to start over doing what I have done in my past.  But, when I really feel good about myself, it’s when I am ‘be-bopping’ around my house rearranging stuff, or decorating for the holidays, or making something look pretty.  It feels ‘not good enough’ to make a career out of.  Why?  Should I do what I know how to do, even it doesn’t bring me fulfillment?

Yes, I know, will rearranging stuff pay the bills?  I can tell you right now, it’s not paying the bills!  But, it’s strange to me that you can make a small change to a room, and it can make a huge difference.  For example, in my family room, I had a wine rack at bar height against the wall with a small desk opposite of the wine rack bar against a back of a couch creating a walkway.  I flipped flopped the two, and it’s amazing how big of a change it made making the room seem bigger.  I have lived with the original furniture arrangement for five years.  That small change made a huge difference!

Can I take the same principals and apply to real life?  Do I just have faith and follow what I have passion for and continue to make tweaks until I can get some business or do I pay the bills?  What’s realistic?  What’s possible?

A little discouraged,


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