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Can you court a chair?

This summer I was shopping for a customer to accessorize her family room, and walked past a chair that I could not forget.  I was not even looking at chairs – accessories is what I was shopping for!

Anyway, I did finish shopping for my customer.  A couple of weeks later (because I kept thinking how great the chair would work in my living room), I went back to the store and took a couple of pictures of it.

Here’s the chair on the floor:

It’s a smaller scale chair, and super comfy.  I really liked the fact it had so many colors, ones that I could pull out in accessories to lighten up the living room.

Here’s a closeup of the fabric:

I continued to think about the chair for a couple of weeks, and actually went to visit it (call me crazy) a couple of times.  When it went on sale, I went to the store and bought it!

I think I visited the chair more often than I’ve had repeat dates this summer, hence can you court a chair?

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