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Ever seen a MN version of a Palm Tree?


I hope everyone is having a great summer!  I have been busily talking my neighbors into helping me remove two Arborvitaes on each side of my home.  These two trees were at least 15 feet in circumference and 20 to 25 feet tall.  Large trees!  For whatever reason, I was anticipating this to be a ‘none’ event, and there would be nothing to blog about….

So, the story goes like this; after talking my neighbors into helping me, my neighbor and I went to cut off the nearest limbs from the bottom of the tree with the assumption we will take the entire tree down.  We got to a point where there was approximately 6 feet at the top we couldn’t reach so it looked like a Christmas tree.  That afternoon, we decided to leave it, and go to the next tree because we gained new helpers.  We removed the other Arborvitae in it’s entirety.  Yeah – it really opened up the house!

So, the neighbors and I chuckled about the MN version of a Palm tree, and decided we needed to cut it down to finish the job.  One of the neighbors went to go start the chain saw, and wouldn’t you know…he could not start it.  He tried and tried, and was not able to get it started.

So, I had a MN version of a Palm tree in my front yard from July – September.  LOL.

I do want to thank my neighbors for all of their help as I really appreciate their generosity!


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