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Gold Glaze Metallic Technique Used

My inspiration for the technique I used on the Living and Dining Room walls came from a model home I toured over a year ago.  There was a bedroom in the home where there were fine comb vertical stripes that caused me to walk over to the walls and touch them.  I thought it was grass wall paper, but, it wasn’t.  It was a painting technique that created a lot of texture.

I talked to the designer and found out it was four layers of paint!  Whew!  A lot of work for a do-it-yourselfer!

I thought the vertical stripes would be great on two walls in my house –  a wall in each of living and dining rooms to highlight the vaulted ceilings and add texture to the space.  The space I was dealing with was large, and painting four layers of paint was not appealing to me.

I found at Lowe’s there was a “Dragging Glaze Technique” under the Valspar Signature Colors that could be used to create the fine vertical lines similar to what I saw in the model home.  The technique used glazes versus paint so the paint beneath the glaze peeked through.  That appealed to me simply because I would not have to paint the entire room.

Below are the steps I followed after selecting the Valspar Gold Metal & Glaze Patina:

1)     I patched the nail holes in the walls

2)     Touched up areas where the base paint needed re-touching

3)     Cleared walls of spider webs (and, I have a clean house!)

4)     Then, as the directions suggested in the Decorative Paint Dragging How-to Guide Glaze Technique pamphlet, I worked in small areas as I applied the glaze, then did the “Dragging” technique

The walls have a striped sheen and the glaze was thicker in some areas versus other areas adds a lot of interest to the walls.  I also chose a gold glaze to warm up the space.

Here are a couple of photos of the glaze on the two walls I did this technique on (which is hard to take a picture of!):

Glaze close up

Glaze Verigation

What do you think?


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