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Can you change a black non descript gardening pot?

So far this summer, I have been in between consulting jobs which is great to get caught up on house chores.  I can’t believe how much gardening I have done, gotten rid of stuff, cleaned gutters, and even re-vented my dryer vent.  But, the downside of not consulting is the fact I am not getting paid.  With that said, I wanted to bring texture to my living room where I have a “Mother-In-Law” tongue plant that needed transplanting without spending spend a lot of money.  Here’s a pic:

I thought the pot could be made more interesting since it’s one of the black pots you find at a gardening store that I obviously needed to transplant the plant into.
I decided to make the black pot more interesting by painting it, and gluing rope on it.  I also painted the pot rim gold.
The tools and materials used:
1) Black garden pot (already owned)
2) Paint, paint sponges and brushes (already owned)
3) Rope ($5.94)
4) Glue gun (already owned)
5) Scissors (already owned)
The steps I took:
1) Cleaned surface of the pot
2) Painted pot – the main part first, then the pot rim
3) Glued rope

Below is a picture of the pot:

As I took these pictures, I was unsure of how it turned out.  What I did not want was a ‘cheap’ painted pot.  Here are a couple of pictures with the plant transplanted into the pot.  Also, notice the rope did not hold – I was going to fix it, but thought it was better to leave it alone.
What do you think about the pot?  I would love to hear from you!

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