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REFLECTION 2: Smaller house?

REFLECTION 2: Smaller house? Townhome? Condo?

So, if I were to sell the house what would I move to? That’s a big question. Right now, I do not find enjoyment in yard work or working on the house like I used to. Geez, that’s I all I have done for the past 8 years by myself. I am tired of it. So does that rule out downsizing to a smaller house?

A townhome in the suburbs does not sound appealing to me. Most of them are cookie cutter. So what’s the point in my opinion? Part of the problem I have living in the suburbs is that you are living among families and couples. I am single, and want to be around people.

Mmmmm, what about a Condo in downtown Minneapolis? I definitely would be downsizing space wise. That actually sounded appealing to me. Why not make a big change, and try something totally different? Heck, if I don’t like it, I could sell it in a couple of years or rent it, and buy a house at that point.

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