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REFLECTION 6: Condo Tour

I was excited and nervous to do the condo tour. I was nervous because I was afraid I would not see the possibilities of downtown living and would be disappointed after thinking and wondering what it would be like.

The realtor set up 10 different condos to see in different buildings. All of them were unique in their own special way. The first one was off of 11th and Washington in an older building. It was unique in the set up but, had huge windows and mirrors to bounce the light around. It had tall ceilings and character. It was a nice possibility. Then, we went to the StoneBridge Lofts sales building. I really had a hard time visualizing the units and the building itself, but the area was fantastic.

We made our way to the warehouse district ā€“ and there were some really nice one bedroom, and studio like units. They had exposed brick and the character I was looking for ā€“ but, they seemed dark inside. Or there was not green space around the building itself. I was not impressed.

By the end of the day, I was very overwhelmed and was already leaning toward the Stonebridge Lofts. The green space by the lofts was amazing. I already knew that I liked the vibe of the area from the Segway tour. The building itself sounds fantastic with the amenities as well as the units.

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