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REFLECTION 10: Downsizing

Once I made my decision, it was time to start getting rid of stuff. My folks generously offered to have a garage sale for me at their house. I hauled 7 truck loads of crap up to their house and sold a ton of stuff – $670 worth. And, I only hauled 2 truck loads back. What I hauled back will be put out when I have a Moving sale to get rid of garage stuff and other household items once the house is sold.

I tackled the closets in the house too – went through paperwork, pictures, and memorabilia. It’s amazing what you save or keep. There were boxes that I had not opened since I had moved into the house. So, entire boxes of stuff was either shredded or tossed.

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REFLECTION 9: My condo walk thru

It was so exciting to walk thru my condo for the first time. I took many pictures of the rooms. I loved the finishes I picked.

Also, you will notice the blue tape on the rooms – that is furniture sizes which I pre-measured to make sure everything would fit.

Take a look!

Kitchen 1

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Horizontal stripes on an accent wall

I wanted to add color to the Master Bedroom – and, I did so in the form of horizontal stripes. My goal was to get the bed and the picture above the antique radio to pop. I picked a greenish gray and measured the wall. I knew I wanted 7 stripes – 3 color and not starting at the ceiling. I wanted the light (off white) stripes to be at the top and bottom of the room to maintain the airiness of the room.

The wall height was 112 inches divided by 7 equals 16 inch stripes. I followed the instructions listed in this blog –

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