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Lengthening curtains

This a blog entry posted a couple of years ago where it inspired one of my neighbors…



Something that has always bothered me about my living room is the fact my curtains were hung just above the top of the windows.  With the vaulted ceilings, the curtains belittled the large windows overlooking the wetlands behind me.  Here’s what the curtains used to look like:

A year or two ago, I found a great striped curtain panel with the same shade of burgundy of my existing curtain panels.  I purchased one striped panel with the assumption that I could divide the one panel into four sections to lengthen four curtain panels.

I measured each of the curtain panels to determine how much material is needed to be added on to each curtain panel to hang from ceiling to the floor (22 inches).  The original curtain panels would hang from the ceiling and stopping at the bottom of the window trim, at which point, the striped material would…

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