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Entire House Transformation!!

This project is the largest one I have been involved with to date…it was an entire house transformation!  I was honored when I was asked to help a couple make their selections, run their ideas past me, go shopping with them, and do whatever else they needed.

The couple was working with contractors who specialized in renovating houses. They trusted the contractors and their craftsmanship, however, were overwhelmed by the choices available and did  know what their style was.  Their goal was to ultimately update from the 1990’s, put some color into their beige house, and make the home better for entertaining.

The sheer size of this project was huge – the entire exterior which included an addition,  and the entire interior.  This meant the following rooms:

  1. Entry way
  2. Kitchen – where the addition will be
  3. Dining room
  4. Living room
  5. Master bedroom & closet
  6. Master bathroom
  7. 2 upstairs bedrooms (will be re-carpeted)
  8. Family room
  9. Downstairs bathroom

So do you think this is the same kitchen?

First Picture


Second Picture


YES, it is the same kitchen albeit the angle is a little different for many reasons!  This is just a sampling of this huge transformation.

My goal is to take you through the decision making and selection process that we went through for transforming the home interior.  At the end of blog journey, Case Study 5 will display all the before and after pictures of the rooms.  It will knock your socks off!


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