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Starting the Transformation


The couple that asked me to help them with finish selection process had quite a bit to do initially since it was both the interior and exterior they were remodeling.  To start with, the contracts that needed to be drawn up took a lot longer than they thought it would.  There were a lot of moving pieces and parts for this enormous project.

The contractor advised the couple to start with kitchen cupboards, and pick out the some of the external finishes so orders could be submitted to keep the timeline.  The couple really liked a mission style home they had walked thru when trying to decide whether to sell their current home and buy a different home.  Ultimately, the decision was to stay so they wanted to make it their retirement ‘dream’ home.

The woodwork they picked out has a traditional flair with a little less mission style, but, it is still mission style if that makes sense.  They decided on 6 panel/flat panel doors inside with a bevel on the edge of the panel, ties in with the bead and not pure mission. They reported to me that the wood railings and baseboards were pretty standard stuff, easy to pick.   All of this wood work would be stained to match the cabinet color.

Take a look at the doors…aren’t they beautiful?


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