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Packing up the house

In preparing for the remodel, these homeowners needed to pack up most of their house.  The daunting task of packing up a kitchen or closets and moving furniture out of rooms takes more time than what homeowners expect.  And, in this case, this couple worked long into more than one night to be ready for the contractors to start work.

Also, they decided to set up a temporary kitchen in their lower level and were planning on living primarily there since the initial plan was to focus the work on the kitchen, dining room, living room and the porch.  The couple packed up their entire kitchen, moved the dining room and living room into the garage.  In addition, they were looking to get new furniture for the living room so they got rid of some pieces of furniture as well.  This was an opportunity to get rid of items they had not used or liked which they took full advantage of!!

Here’s a snapshot of their kitchen before they started packing it up:


Lots of stuff!

What would you do if you had to pack up half of your house?

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