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Unique centerpieces description

Hi everyone,

My uncle and aunt were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary 50 years later on the exact same day they were married which was September 24th, 1967.  The party was September 24th, 2017.  Wow!  How cool is that?

This couple has traveled extensively worldwide, and had careers with NWA Airlines and RCA.  Amazing, and their generosity throughout the years has been unbelievable.  This couple has touched many hearts.

When planning for this large event, the couple wanted to chronicle their lives together in an unique way.  There was a suggestion to put their trip and career trinkets on the tables.  Trains was another love of theirs, as well as volunteering/bringing needed items to Haiti.  12 trips to Haiti alone!

They had requested that I help put their centerpieces together on each of the tables.  The purpose of these centerpieces was to allow people to view these beautiful objects, pick up the trinkets and enjoy them.

There were 12 tables, and each had a hunter green napkin anchoring the trinkets in the center of each table.  In addition, there were two menus, one for the main course, and the other for the dessert menu.

Also, each table had the country displayed using a binder clip that was spray painted green and decorated with scrap booking material.  What a clever idea my cousin had!  On the back of the country display, pictures of the couple at that location were included.  There were great pics of the two of them!

Take a look at the gallery!

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