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Hello all,

Inspiration comes from many means – nature, the seasons, quotes, artists, to name a few.  When it comes to decorating my own homes, nature and the seasons were the primary drivers of what colors and items were chosen.  I tended to lean towards fall colors because 1) they are rich and happy and 2) it’s my favorite time of year.


Here’s a couple of pics to give an example of the colors used in my condo which is offset with creams and chocolate browns:

Runner for Coffee Table
Table Runner I made for the coffee table
Living area
Living Area

There is quite a bit of similar colors from the leaves to the trees and how the place is decorated isn’t there?

So, since I have moved downtown Minneapolis, it seems my inspiration has changed a bit or my fascination of how many textures there are just in Downtown East.  Heck, just the picture of the Stone Arch Bridge has so many textures and colors, and the colors are brilliant! It definitely works.  I wonder how I could infuse some of the city into my space?


I am going to challenge myself, and do a different take.  Look at the Twin Cities through a lens that is not just the scenery,  but, pictures of bridges, lights, signs, brick, doors, front entry pots, events, etc…maybe, I will learn a unique way of infusing some more of the ‘city life’ into my space and other spaces.

More to come as I start down this path.  This will be a fun challenge!


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