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Decorate with what you love equals…

Decorate with what you love equals…your space being an expression of yourself.

I know my space shows who I am.  The orange flower picture represents the color I love and flowers make me smile in general.  It’s amazing how many pictures of flowers I have taken over the years.  So, decorate with what you love expresses who you are as well as your family.

I have brought in flowers and the color orange into my space in subtle ways…

Pillow with the orange branches on a chocolate leather brown couch

Chair that has flower printed fabric with the color orange as part of the flowers
Over sized orange candle in a hurricane holder
Lap blanket that I made where the fabrics have different shades of orange

I think I was pretty successful in incorporating flowers and the color orange into my living space.

What kinds of things do you love?  What are your favorite colors?  Is what you love part of how your space is decorated?

Tell me what you think!

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