3 thoughts on “We shape our dwellings…

    1. Great questions. I think where we live shapes us. For example, living on a farm versus the city. I know I have cousins who make comments to me that “I can’t believe you live downtown with all the traffic”. Obviously, they prefer less traffic and more space. I would think that preference helps shape who we are.

      Living in a large house in the suburbs versus a condo in the city shape individuals and does change who you are. Living in the city has caused me to be more environmentally conscious. I am proud of the fact when my vehicle sits for days, yet, I can say I still ran errands walking or using the Nice Ride bikes. I support more local businesses by going to the farmer’s market and to locally owned restaurants/deli’s versus doing the ‘easy’ shopping when I lived in the suburbs. Also, I am more conscious of what I purchase to store in my condo that is just under 1200 square feet versus 2400 square feet. I use every inch of the space I live in versus having rooms not used for months at a time. The change or this new way of life in the city has opened my eyes to additional choices that can be made to live a ‘greener’ way of life.

      Does this answer your questions or attempt to?


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