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Harvest-inspired colors…

“Harvest-inspired colors signify a passage from one season to another and set a warm mood inside the home.” –Cecilie Starin

Fall colors are so warm and inviting which is probably why I lean towards those colors for clothing and decorating the various homes I have had.  The reds, burgundies, burnt oranges, yellows and greens against a brilliant blue sky is a gorgeous backdrop.  Here again is a sharp contrast causing the fall colors to pop.

The same can be done with your home.  If the neutral color is gray, taupe, or chocolate brown, a red or yellow (warm color) pillow paired with a green or blue pillow (cool color) can really stand out against a neutral background.  Various pops of warm and cool colors can add contrast for interest in the space you are decorating without being too overpowering.  Keep in mind, mixing and matching prints and stripes against solid colors help with adding texture and blending the warm and cool colors.

Do you think this type of contrast exists in the spaces of your home?  If it doesn’t, do you think it would improve it to make it a more inviting space?


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