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Granite Selections

Selecting the finishes of any project can be overwhelming.  For me, it’s my favorite part of any project because it comes together, and my vision can be seen.  For others the number of selections can be hard to determine how and what finishes would work in their space.

I am hoping I helped this couple with their house transformation with how we went through the selection process.  We have already touched on lighting selections.  Now, we are going to address granite, wood, tile, and paint selections in the upcoming blogs.

The granite selection was a fun outing!  We wandered through many slabs looking for a slab with burgundies and movement which is what the homeowners wanted.

Here are a couple of pictures of slabs that were being considered and the pictures do not do the granite slabs justice:

Noche Slab
Durango Slab
Durango Slab

These particular slabs did not have enough of the burgundy color the homeowners were looking for.

Here is a closeup of the granite the homeowners selected:


The homeowners did a great job didn’t they?  As you can see, the movement is in this granite,  along with the burgundies, and even purple/grayish tones.

Also, in the background of this picture you are starting to see a preview of the wood selections.  Pretty spectacular don’t you think?

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