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Tile Selections

The tile in your kitchen is the ‘jewelry’ that gives the kitchen bling.  Tile finishes the kitchen and offers functional use to protect the wall from splatters and spills.  In this case, the homeowners have selected three very different tiles to use as the back splash.

The first tile selection was the primary tile that would be used in their kitchen on most of the back splash.  The goal here was to keep this tile neutral, but, still add interest.  Even though the square tiles are subtle with the variations of the tiles, it provides another texture keeping interest.  Also, the contractor suggested to tile around their window above their kitchen sink.  At first it seemed like a lot, but as you can see, it really ties the finishes together and creates a statement.

Tiling is in process along the side of window
Tiling above window
Finished tile around the window

For the second tile selection that will be above the stove, the homeowner’s decided to do an inlay to add a feature and interest to the space, as well, as some bling!

Here’s the tile they picked out and how the feature was put together.

The tile in the store
Feature tiling in progress
Finished feature

Incredible isn’t it?  It certainly catches the eye, and it was the contractor who suggested the diamond pattern for the center.  (Homeowners, correct me if I am not remembering this correctly?)  One other thing to note is that the diamond pattern tiles came from a completely different tile shop as it took a little bit of shopping to find tiles that contained a pattern and were in the same color family as the small glass square tiles.

Now, the third type of tile was easier for the homeowners to choose.  They chose a stacked rock look for the wine area in their kitchen.  This tile is on a slanted wall opening to the dining room which also opens to their porch that was going to get a slate looking tiled floor.  Here, the goal was to tie the porch to the kitchen, and create another feature wall in the kitchen.

Tiling in process
Slanted wall with a peak into porch area and rest of kitchen
Finished wine area

The homeowners really did a nice job tying all the finishes together.  It was a really fun process and I am lucky to have been a part of that process. Thank you K&V!

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