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Learned a lot


I wrote quite a few blogs on my journey of downsizing from a home in Plymouth, MN to buying a condo in downtown Minneapolis.  The best decision I have made in recent years.  REFLECTION 7: Stonebridge Lofts blog has a couple of pictures of the building that I moved into.  The entire “Reflection” category on walks you through the journey.

Okay, so getting back to learning a lot.  To me, it’s interesting how much I did learn about myself and my place the past couple of years after moving in.  I learned that I really like my patio, but, not necessarily looking at the pool and the whirlpool.  I found myself timing when to water my flower pots when people were not in the whirlpool (which is about 15 feet away) and when I would grill something.  I am more private of a person than I thought.

As a side note on patios, is that I was invited to my neighbors that have a huge patio – one that fit a table with 6 chairs and a couch!  I found myself envious of their patio because their patio had privacy (not looking a the pool) and space for outdoor living without seeing their next door neighbors.  How cool is that?

I, also, learned that not all light fixtures are easy to swap out light bulbs.  Go figure.

Another item that I should have considered when picking out finishes like lighting is having a light in the laundry closet or adding canned lights in the living area.  The condo windows faces east so it can seem ‘dark’ in my place when it’s cloudy or once the sun is above the building.  Small things but, very important.

Once the US Bank Stadium opened in July 2016, parking became more of a premium since game/concert/event goers would be parking on the the street this condo building is on.  My one parking spot (for my own car) didn’t suffice for visitors because it seemed more often guest parking was full.  Having a second parking spot even though I don’t have two cars would be another requirement for possibly a second or new condo for visitors.

The great thing about downsizing is that I did it.  Doesn’t sound like a big thing, but it is, and it’s a process.  Learning how to organize and create a highly functional laundry closet takes imagination and lots of researching different tools.  Small solutions I learned have big returns.

One VERY important item is that condo living in downtown Minneapolis, is that condo values are appreciating very quickly and the rental market was strong.  I started to investigate if I could rent out my current place and buy another condo…and my financial planner and I determined I could do it!

Here’s to applying what I have learned to my second condo!


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