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Dove in!

Well, I jumped into the deep end – big time!  I put down money down on another place called The Legacy.  The primary reason was the outdoor living space.  I will show you the two floor plans to demonstrate the difference.



Stonebridge Lofts (where I currently live)

1166 Square Feet

Balcony:  72 Square Feet

Kitchen:  11’10” x  18’4″

Living:  13’1″ x 16’8″

Master: 13’8″ x 12’9″

Spare:  12’0″ x 11’4″



The Legacy (new place)

1190 Square Feet

Balcony:  411 Square Feet

Kitchen: 19’5″ x  12’4″

Living:  16’4″ x 10’11”

Master: 12’8″ x 14’1″

Spare:  10’9″ x 10’8″

The layout of the new place is very similar to my current place.  A good thing.  I love the layout of my place.  The biggest difference looks to be a slight increase in square footage, and the balcony size (amazing!!).

When you break down the differences, the new place has more storage, a dining nook (which would be great) to have a dining table, and an huge outdoor living space.

  1.  Kitchen is about the same size, just turned towards the dining nook
  2. Living area approximately the same size
  3. Master Bedroom approximately the same size
  4. Laundry closet is NOW a room to walk into – maybe, this could be a pantry too??
  5. Spare Room is smaller, but gain a full wall closet, and I still have room for a Murphy bed
  6. HUGE outdoor space for outdoor living without looking at a pool (which I currently do now)

The other item I am doing differently is that I bought a second parking spot for visitors.  Parking is becoming more of a premium in this area so I thought it would be a good idea.

Fun, fun and fun to pick out finishes.  More to come!

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