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Relocate your art.

“Relocate your art.  We stop noticing things that have been in the same place for a while.” –Aubrey Smiga, designer

This is a great tip, however, when you move pictures that have been hung up using nails or screws, this could mean a lot of holes in the sheetrock, right?!  I don’t know about you, but, I do not want to spend time patching holes and re-painting.

In my place, I hung up wall systems so I could interchange my framed photographs (taken by me) in and out of different rooms without making additional holes in the walls.  So above my couch, I have a more traditional metal system that holds one large picture or two pictures.  In the featured image of this blog, notice there is a larger picture with flower pictures above the couch. Now, below in the same wall hanging system, there are two winter pictures to match the season since it is now winter here in Minnesota.

Winter pictures displayed and the multi-framed flower pictures swapped out

Below the wall hanging system in the office/spare bedroom uses a metal hanging device that allows sturdy wires to be hung from the metal piece flush with the ceiling.

Multi-flower picture swapped out from above the couch in the living room now hanging in spare/office

Using the same metal and wire wall hanging system I was able hang multiple pictures on the entire wall.  It’s pretty cool since it gives the room interest and even height with the system flush with the ceiling.  Take a look!

I hope these two wall hanging systems give you ideas for hanging art or photos in the future so you can move them around giving your space interest and personality.

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