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Bachelor Pad Project

I just started on a really fun project.  This request for help came from a man who recently got rid of everything he owned and is single.  He moved into a luxurious apartment building and wants to make his apartment sleek, swanky and ‘cool’, not the typical bachelor pad with a large TV, no color with very little style.

The apartment itself did not have very much color, and is very gray with dark expresso colored cabinets.  The bachelor needed everything, from a shower curtain, furniture, and accessories.  One thing he repeatedly told me is that he wanted color in his place.  This will be fun and possible challenging!

He sent me the following pictures:

Kitchen with the living area to the left of the peninsula

Niche on the opposite wall as the kitchen
Tiled floors throughout living area and kitchen
Carpet in the master bedroom
Closer picture of the granite that is in both the bathroom and kitchen

Unfortunately, a “before” picture was not taken of the actual living area, but I think you get the idea of the apartment layout and the grayness of it.

Next up, shopping for the big ticket items, and to get a sense of the bachelor’s style!

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