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Style means…

Style means finding those who inspire and trusting yourself.  When most of us are asked to define our home style, we’re more than likely going to use words like homey, comfortable, and personal.  Then, we may mention colors, family pieces and well-chosen purchases.  There generally is a common understanding that style is an expression of who we are.  Now, whether or not your space reflects who you are, is a different story.

We can’t buy style, but, we can certainly attain it.  We see examples of style on TV shows like HGTV, and others, as well as in magazines.  We observe these examples, and absorb it.  Many of us seek out ways to reveal our styles as we ‘like’ what we see in the TV shows and magazines.

Remember, great style grows out of trusting who you are and having the confidence to show it.

Decorate with what you love equals…

We shape our dwellings…

“Style is a successful combination…

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First Try

After shopping for the bigger ticket items, it was time to accessorize.  So, I went shopping, and realized I didn’t know what I was looking for.  You see, the bachelor really didn’t know what he liked.  I kept gravitating to items I liked versus what he may like.  The following is my first try at accessorizing his place.

The rug lightens up the place, and here you can see the lamp, the mirrored art above the couch, and the glass vases next to the couch.
The chair in the nook.
A close up of the mirrored art I proposed to hang above the couch.
Something was not quite right, so we flip flopped the chaise on the couch.
The chair in the nook again next to the chaise.

It turned out ok, but it just wasn’t the wow factor I was looking for, and what the bachelor was looking for.  So, back to the drawing board to see if I could make the space more him and alive.

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Green is nature’s neutral

“Succulent greens are very fresh, inviting, and springlike.  Even the palest hue still has a happy kick to it. ”  — John Loecke, New York City designer

Green makes everything so much more engaging than neutrals.  Spring-fresh companions, such as yellow (or even blue with a green undertone) will keep succulent hues energized.    Yellow-greens range from serene to vibrant, so pick one in your comfort zone and test it on a small area of the wall or even on a piece of sheet rock placed around the room to make sure it looks right in all light.

A green with a hint of brown is perfect for someone who is color-shy who could try it on a sofa, chair or rug.  A bright extroverted spring green on a statement piece such as a cabinet or bookcase, or spread it around the room on two or three small items.  Another idea would be to use a softer green paired with creamy fabrics and textural accessories for spa-like serenity in a bathroom or bedroom.

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Spring Blooms

Nature nails tricky colors in the most gorgeous way.  Case in point;  the peachy pinks of these early bloomers.  Borrow their fresh hues for your home.

The flower colors in the featured picture are represented by the paint colors of Red Grapefruit, New Peach, Peach Surprise, Neighborly Peach, and Brandy Butter.  Any of these colors could be painted on the rear wall of an upstairs landing that you will only discover upon ascending the stairs.  Surprise!

Or these soft colors could be painted on the inside of a cabinet or a side table for a subtle simple lift.

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