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When I let go…

“When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be.”  –Lao Tzu

I have often wondered if I was not such a control freak, how different would my life be?  I like to plan so I know what’s going to happen.  However, as I do reflect on my life so far, I do have to admit sometimes the best, most memorable days were the days I had not planned.

And, if I took the above quote further, the quote isn’t about planning.  I think most of us have a perception of who we think we should be.  So if I let go who I thought I should be, who would I become?  I think that is a little bit what I am doing with Decorganize – it’s totally not like what I really do for a living, but an outlet for me.

Anyway, just a couple of thoughts that struck me on this blog…

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