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Shopping for the Bachelor Pad

Many stores later….we found many options as we shopped for furniture and accessories.  Because this was a smaller space, we wanted to make sure we did not buy “too big” of furniture.

Prior to going shopping we measured very carefully the spaces.  Here are some of the measurements:

Peninsula Length in the Kitchen:  119″

Peninsula Height:  35″

Niche width:  46.5″

TV Wall: 8′

Couch Wall:  16′ 8″

Window Wall:  12′

We were on a mission to find a couch, chair or chairs, a bed frame, coffee table , lamps, dining table, and accessories.

Bar stool options which had to be countertop bar stools at approximately 24″ high to allow for enough space for a person to sit at the peninsula comfortably.

The bachelor went for the sturdy bar stool pictured on the left that can slide under the peninsula overhang to keep the eye site open as you walk into the living space.

The space was very small, but he kept mentioning he wanted an eating area so we looked at a couple of dining room tables that could potentially fit in the space.

Way cool table that was a nice size in diameter
Bottom of the cool table
Wood variation in the table top

Another table option:


In the end, the bachelor decided a dining room table would not fit in the space.  It would have made the space cramped and cluttered.

TV Stand options:

The bachelor found a awesome TV stand on Craig’s List to save some money.  How smart is that?

Bedroom frame options:

I wonder which bed frame he chose?

Some possible accessories to bring color into the space…hopefully.  So far all the big ticket items are black, dark brown, or gray.  Yikes, we definitely need to brighten the space up.

Maybe, something to add color and bounce light off with the mirrors
Possible table lamps
A side table that has lighter wood and shiny chrome to play off the kitchen handles
Smaller coffee table where the table top lifts up
Unique side tables
Floor lamp with a shelf to act as a side table
Pillow option
Table lamp option
Vase options

These shopping trips were very over whelming for the bachelor.  He wanted me to do everything, but I was still unsure of what his style was and what exactly he meant by adding color to his space (since he kept buying and picking out dark big pieces).

More to come.

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