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Green is nature’s neutral

“Succulent greens are very fresh, inviting, and springlike.  Even the palest hue still has a happy kick to it. ”  — John Loecke, New York City designer

Green makes everything so much more engaging than neutrals.  Spring-fresh companions, such as yellow (or even blue with a green undertone) will keep succulent hues energized.    Yellow-greens range from serene to vibrant, so pick one in your comfort zone and test it on a small area of the wall or even on a piece of sheet rock placed around the room to make sure it looks right in all light.

A green with a hint of brown is perfect for someone who is color-shy who could try it on a sofa, chair or rug.  A bright extroverted spring green on a statement piece such as a cabinet or bookcase, or spread it around the room on two or three small items.  Another idea would be to use a softer green paired with creamy fabrics and textural accessories for spa-like serenity in a bathroom or bedroom.

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