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Style means…

Style means finding those who inspire and trusting yourself.  When most of us are asked to define our home style, we’re more than likely going to use words like homey, comfortable, and personal.  Then, we may mention colors, family pieces and well-chosen purchases.  There generally is a common understanding that style is an expression of who we are.  Now, whether or not your space reflects who you are, is a different story.

We can’t buy style, but, we can certainly attain it.  We see examples of style on TV shows like HGTV, and others, as well as in magazines.  We observe these examples, and absorb it.  Many of us seek out ways to reveal our styles as we ‘like’ what we see in the TV shows and magazines.

Remember, great style grows out of trusting who you are and having the confidence to show it.

Decorate with what you love equals…

We shape our dwellings…

“Style is a successful combination…

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