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Final Reveal

The team spent quite a bit of time shopping, and we looked for the inspiration piece to base the design off of from what the bachelor had provided to us.  Jackpot!  We found the below canvas to be our inspiration:


Our goal is to spread the red pop of color around the room because of the red in the canvas.  The other goal we had was to add some whimsy to the room.  A tall order especially since this was a bachelor in his mid-forties.

It was time.  We kicked the bachelor out of his apartment, and got to work!

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“Attention is the most basic form of love; through it we bless and are blessed.”

–John Tarrant

Seems simple enough, but, acknowledging people and giving full attention in this world today without looking at our devices is challenging from what I observe.  I know when I am having a conversation with someone who keeps looking at their device, I don’t feel acknowledged.  How wonder how many times our loved ones feel that when we are distracted?  How wonder if we put down our devices, how much our relationships could improve by giving the people the appropriate attention?

This quote is a good reminder for all of us.

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More frightened than hurt

“We are more often frightened than hurt:  Our troubles spring more often from fancy than reality.”  — Seneca

This quote made me pause…frightened or worried?  Or is worried being frightened about what if?  Are they one in the same?

Yes, I think we do get caught up in what our life should be (fancy) then what actually reality is.  In this equation, that causes conflict.  I have been really working on staying the present (and have a long way to go).  It’s tough to have your mind not wonder while you are at an event or sadly to say while you are talking to someone even though you are interested in what they are saying.  How does that happen?  Shiny object syndrome?  And, I am not looking at my phone.  Are random thoughts that sudden – where you are not in the present anymore?  Can you control that?  I don’t get it.  Or is it today’s environment?

Interesting quote – which caused more questions for me to understand it.

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Neutral Zone

“Because we live in such a color-filled, busy world, coming home to a calm, neutral space feels like a breath of fresh air.”  –Kelly Keiser

Per Kelly, saturated neutrals are a happy middle ground between quiet palettes and full-on color.  Also, “Anything you find in a wineglass works well with neutrals,” from champagne to rose to merlot.  I love this comment, in fact take a look at this blog On the Vine Paint and Second glass of wine for a little more fun with wine.

Also, Kelly stated we should “Rethink beige.  Far from being one-note, it runs the gamut from grayish mushroom to greenish khaki to rich café latte colors.  If you’re most comfortable in the beige are, use variations like these to change things up.”

Another great tip Kelly offered up in a Better Home and Gardens article, was to change up the sheen (which I have not tried, but now may have too).  Use a “high-gloss paint on walls or the ceiling – is a clever way to punch up a neutral palette.  It’s unexpected.”

I thought this article on neutrals was refreshing and calming, and gave me a different perspective on beige.

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Inspiration finally from the bachelor

After many conversations with the bachelor, he dug in, and sent me some pictures of images that caught his attention.  These images helped me tremendously, although, notice the lack of color in the first three images, even though he kept telling me he wanted color.

The mirror above the fireplace he thought was ‘cool’.
The squiggly sticks also caught his eye.
Walking men, he told me made him laugh. But this also told me, he like whimsy.

The next two images truly gave me direction on what do in his place.

This skyline metal piece of art had the reds, oranges, yellows and blacks that I think he wanted in his place.
Wow, this fall picture with the birch trees really captured who I think reflects him the best.

With these inspiration pieces, he provided to me, I went shopping again with a better plan.  I needed to find the statement piece for above the couch to drive the remaining colors and accessories.  Finally, I think I made progress and may be successful to make the bachelor happy 🙂