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Inspiration finally from the bachelor

After many conversations with the bachelor, he dug in, and sent me some pictures of images that caught his attention.  These images helped me tremendously, although, notice the lack of color in the first three images, even though he kept telling me he wanted color.

The mirror above the fireplace he thought was ‘cool’.
The squiggly sticks also caught his eye.
Walking men, he told me made him laugh. But this also told me, he like whimsy.

The next two images truly gave me direction on what do in his place.

This skyline metal piece of art had the reds, oranges, yellows and blacks that I think he wanted in his place.
Wow, this fall picture with the birch trees really captured who I think reflects him the best.

With these inspiration pieces, he provided to me, I went shopping again with a better plan.  I needed to find the statement piece for above the couch to drive the remaining colors and accessories.  Finally, I think I made progress and may be successful to make the bachelor happy 🙂

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