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Neutral Zone

“Because we live in such a color-filled, busy world, coming home to a calm, neutral space feels like a breath of fresh air.”  –Kelly Keiser

Per Kelly, saturated neutrals are a happy middle ground between quiet palettes and full-on color.  Also, “Anything you find in a wineglass works well with neutrals,” from champagne to rose to merlot.  I love this comment, in fact take a look at this blog On the Vine Paint and Second glass of wine for a little more fun with wine.

Also, Kelly stated we should “Rethink beige.  Far from being one-note, it runs the gamut from grayish mushroom to greenish khaki to rich café latte colors.  If you’re most comfortable in the beige are, use variations like these to change things up.”

Another great tip Kelly offered up in a Better Home and Gardens article, was to change up the sheen (which I have not tried, but now may have too).  Use a “high-gloss paint on walls or the ceiling – is a clever way to punch up a neutral palette.  It’s unexpected.”

I thought this article on neutrals was refreshing and calming, and gave me a different perspective on beige.

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