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Final Reveal

The team spent quite a bit of time shopping, and we looked for the inspiration piece to base the design off of from what the bachelor had provided to us.  Jackpot!  We found the below canvas to be our inspiration:


Our goal is to spread the red pop of color around the room because of the red in the canvas.  The other goal we had was to add some whimsy to the room.  A tall order especially since this was a bachelor in his mid-forties.

It was time.  We kicked the bachelor out of his apartment, and got to work!

Starting from the entrance of the apartment, we added whimsy, color, and a lighter, rustic wood element.




The little bench was functional for storage and added the rustic wood element.  The rug under the bench tied the red color to the exit sign.

IMG_0376 (2)

The metal Exit Way Out sign added a pop of color and whimsy.  It also has a rustic look to it, but, just in a different material.

Next up is the bathroom.  Because the entire apartment is pretty small, we wanted to keep the theme in the bathroom as well.  The bachelor had picked up a black and white shower curtain with a tree on it, so it was important to bring in the red to the bathroom.  Here, simple was best.


At this point, you may be seeing a couple of themes – 1) the color red 2) rustic elements and 3) a hint of nature or to be more specific trees.  Be sure to look for the use of silver metal to tie the kitchen appliances into the living space and other use of color to lighten up the space as well.

Next up, the living space.  I think you are really going to like the transformation.  I know the bachelor liked it – AND, he got his popcorn machine!


With the canvas hung above the couch, it certainly is the focal point.  The rug under the couch is an off white with brown stripes helping to tie in the birch trees on the canvas.  Also, note the metal pulls on the coffee table as well as the lamps flanking the couch to bring in the silver metal tones.  Both the silver and the off white rug brings the kitchen in with the granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and the silver pulls on the kitchen cabinets.  In addition, the side table has a rustic wood element to continue with the rustic theme.


Above is a picture of the black chair with the sofa and chaise in the background.  Here, you can see a pillow covered with red zigzags, a modern twist, to bring the red across the room.


Another shot of the chair with the branch bunch on the side of the couch to keep with the nature theme.


This massive TV is directly across from the couch – after all this is a bachelor pad.


And, finally the red popcorn machine which in itself adds whimsy.  The Yum Yum signs add a little more whimsy, and note the frames which have that rustic wood bringing in the side table with the rustic wood shelves and silver framing.  If you look closely, you will also see a red oversized jack on the bottom shelf.   Unexpected objects making the space a little more fun and casual.

Since the final reveal, I am happy to report that the bachelor is settling in, and has actually gone shopping for dishes and cookware.  This, to me, means he is starting to adjust to living in a building and to his new life.

What do you think of the space?

Next up, is his wine niche that will contain a rustic wood wine shelf, and a really cool modern clock with rustic wood numbering…

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