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Easy room pick-me up

Summer is here!

With the farmer’s markets in full swing, I usually buy flowers on a weekly basis to add life to my living space.  In fact, fresh flowers are an easy room pick-me up,  but they can get expensive.  One way to get a nice look for very little money is to mass a bunch of carnations in a tight dome in a simple vase.  Choose subtle, natural looking colors, such as white, blush or apricot (skip the dyed blossoms – they look artificial in my opinion).

In this case, I purchased yellow carnations from Cub to cut down on costs, and these flowers were on sale.  Score!  Also, I did not create a tight dome because the mouth of the vase I wanted to use was large.  So, I cut the flowers at approximately the same length an arranged them so they were all close together.


Usually, the bunch  of flowers I use in this space have height, but, I still think this works with the yellow flowers and the yellow vase on the higher shelf.  It seems to pull the yellows together.


Another blog entry for how flowers can brighten a space:

Flowers Freshen Up Any Room

Put a flower in your space!

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