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Storage Inventory and Cleanup

As the new building is being built, I am in waiting mode so I thought I would embark on organizing the Storage Unit.  There are a couple of reasons for doing this now:

  1. Opportunity to get rid of stuff I have not used for 2 1/2 years.  Why move it next year?
  2. Still waiting to do the finish selections (wood floor, carpet, cabinetry, granite, etc) so I have time now.  Doing the selections always take longer than you would expect.
  3. I also remember how much time it took to get qualified for the mortgage loan when I moved into the Stonebridge Lofts building.  It was surprising how much time it takes to find and scan documents for the underwriters.
  4. I have noticed when I try to ‘find’ stuff, I am forever looking in multiple bins to find what I was looking for.  Very time consuming.

The Unit itself is 4 feet by 8 feet and pretty full from what you can see in the pictures.

My plan is to go through each of the bins/containers and inventory each of them by creating a spreadsheet to capture the items and the location of the bins themselves.  It will be a big undertaking!

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