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Electrical Layout Decision Time

After living in the Stonebridge Unit, I have found that it is shadowy and my goal is to improve the lighting in The Legacy Unit.  After all, lighting is key for any space.

Starting from the entrance of the unit:

  1. I am planning on upgrading the light in the entrance and hallway to a flush ceiling LED light.
  2. In the spare room closet, I will be adding an outlet in the closet.  The reason I am doing this is – is to be able to charge small electric appliances like a small handheld vacuum cleaner or a blower for the patio.
  3. My current spare bathroom has a recessed LED light near the toilet area so I will be adding a flush ceiling LED light for The Legacy unit.
  4. I am planning on adding a flush ceiling LED light in the laundry room to ensure there will be enough light in that space.  That space needs to be bright.
  5. Currently, in the Stonebridge Unit, there is track lighting which is shadowy to light the work space.  It is not very bright.  So, the lights in the kitchen (not above the island) will be flush ceiling LED lights to improve the lighting in The Legacy Unit.
  6. An outlet will be added in the island for the wine refrigerator.  (One of the most important kitchen appliances :-).
  7. Most importantly, the living area is where I will be adding 4 LED flush ceiling lights in each of the corners – 1 foot 11 inches from the wall(s) to improve the lighting.  This room by far in the Stonebridge Unit is not well lit.

The other thing to note, is that all the lighting in The Legacy will be LED – which will be great so I will not have to change out bulbs for years.  That is also key since I have 12 foot ceilings!

I know this is not a very exciting blog, but, this for me, was extremely important for my new space especially since it will be facing north.  I did not want to have a shadowy space again and I hope the solutions listed above will create the bright space I have envisioned.

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