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Orange Zest

Get a fresh start with juicy hues that perk up a flat palette or kick off a bold new look.  Susan Hable Smith says “Orange stimulates enthusiasm.”  In addition, “It’s a vital color, so it works well in a room with a lot of activity.”  You could be bold with an orange wall or even kitchen cupboards.  Also, orange can be brought in with orange colored canvas boxes, trays, pillows, storage ottomans, and other accessories.

Try pairing several orange colors in one room.  “I like to put colors together that don’t match but that are in the same family, all on top of each other,” Susan says.  “That layering makes things interesting.”

One other thing to note is “All values of gray – muted to charcoal – work with a range of oranges,” Susan says.  “A room with washed gray woods and a chair upholstered in a vibrant orange would be fabulous.”

“These colors bring up memories of vacations and beach fun.  That’s reason enough to bring them into your home!”  –Susan Hable Smith

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Capacity for change

“People underestimate their capacity for change.  There is never a right time to do a difficult thing.”  –John Porter

This is so true.  I see this a lot in my ‘real’ job as a consultant.  People often times like to stay in their comfort zone.  They don’t want to change because it will be hard or different.  Change is good.  It keeps you on your toes, and challenges thought processes so we continue to be engaged.

Another thought on this is don’t wait until you are entirely ready to make a change We can always find some excuse not to act.  Just taking one step will give you the momentum to purse your goal.

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Lighting Selections

It’s time to go lighting shopping for the new Condo!  I researched as much as I could online to be prepared and to avoid getting overwhelmed.  Nevertheless, I still got a little overwhelmed especially since I really wanted to go ‘big’ on lighting.  Currently, the lighting is one of the negatives of where I live now.  My current place is pretty shadowy, and it always feels like I am changing lightbulbs in the kitchen track lighting.

I wanted to be sure the lighting I was picking out for the new condo was LED lighting since my new place will have 12 foot ceilings.  I have 10 foot ceilings now, and believe me it can be difficult to change a light bulb when you are height challenged.

As I was wandering around I found these options:

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Harvest Hues

If you are after comfort and warmth, the rich tones of harvest colors are ripe for picking.  San Francisco designer Cecilie Starin stated “Harvest-inspired colors signify a passage from one season to another and set a warm mood inside the home.”

Dish towels, throw pillows, vases or other types of vessels are a good way to bring in the autumn reds and golds.  It’s a way to bring the intense and warm colors into the space without overpowering it.  Another way to prevent rich harvest colors from overheating a room, add sleek silvery accents instead of brass.  Pairing a harvest hue with gray or cornflower blue has the same cooling effect.

Use a deep color such as chestnut or rusty red for a dramatic effect in a powder room, small den or entry way.  When you have a really small room where there’s no way you’re going to make look big, make it dramatic.