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Harvest Hues

If you are after comfort and warmth, the rich tones of harvest colors are ripe for picking.  San Francisco designer Cecilie Starin stated “Harvest-inspired colors signify a passage from one season to another and set a warm mood inside the home.”

Dish towels, throw pillows, vases or other types of vessels are a good way to bring in the autumn reds and golds.  It’s a way to bring the intense and warm colors into the space without overpowering it.  Another way to prevent rich harvest colors from overheating a room, add sleek silvery accents instead of brass.  Pairing a harvest hue with gray or cornflower blue has the same cooling effect.

Use a deep color such as chestnut or rusty red for a dramatic effect in a powder room, small den or entry way.  When you have a really small room where there’s no way you’re going to make look big, make it dramatic.


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