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Lighting Selections

It’s time to go lighting shopping for the new Condo!  I researched as much as I could online to be prepared and to avoid getting overwhelmed.  Nevertheless, I still got a little overwhelmed especially since I really wanted to go ‘big’ on lighting.  Currently, the lighting is one of the negatives of where I live now.  My current place is pretty shadowy, and it always feels like I am changing lightbulbs in the kitchen track lighting.

I wanted to be sure the lighting I was picking out for the new condo was LED lighting since my new place will have 12 foot ceilings.  I have 10 foot ceilings now, and believe me it can be difficult to change a light bulb when you are height challenged.

As I was wandering around I found these options:

This is what I ended up picking out for the spare and master bathroom:

Master bath vanity light
Spare bath vanity light

The ceiling fan for the living area:

The center ceiling fan will be mounted on a 24″ post to drop the fan down from the 12 foot ceilings.


Bedroom lighting:

Spare bedroom light
Sleek with a little bling chandelier for the master bedroom

Unique lighting for the dining area and kitchen island:

Dining chandelier where the curved pieces light up since it’s an LED light.
The long skinny light that has the twisted rope LED light will be for the island.

I am excited with my lighting choices, and am happy they are unique choices.  For more on going through making decisions on lighting take a look at the following blogs:

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