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Orange Zest

Get a fresh start with juicy hues that perk up a flat palette or kick off a bold new look.  Susan Hable Smith says “Orange stimulates enthusiasm.”  In addition, “It’s a vital color, so it works well in a room with a lot of activity.”  You could be bold with an orange wall or even kitchen cupboards.  Also, orange can be brought in with orange colored canvas boxes, trays, pillows, storage ottomans, and other accessories.

Try pairing several orange colors in one room.  “I like to put colors together that don’t match but that are in the same family, all on top of each other,” Susan says.  “That layering makes things interesting.”

One other thing to note is “All values of gray – muted to charcoal – work with a range of oranges,” Susan says.  “A room with washed gray woods and a chair upholstered in a vibrant orange would be fabulous.”

“These colors bring up memories of vacations and beach fun.  That’s reason enough to bring them into your home!”  –Susan Hable Smith

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