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It’s coming along!

Here’s an update on The Legacy…it’s coming along definitely.  The 17 story tower has been completely poured so the construction workers are working to close in the building.


The 14 story tower where I will be living the floors have not all been poured.  At last count, they have poured 12 out of the 14 floors…getting close.


Here is a close up shot of where the crane is at.  The crane, I believe, is on my patio.  As you can see not all the windows are in yet for my unit.


Lastly, a view of the East of the building where you can see the 8 story section of the building on the left of the picture connecting the 17 story tower and the 14 story tower.  The 14 story as you can see where the floors wrapped in plastic were recently poured. The ledge if you will is where lawn bowling, a fire pit and lounge areas will be for The Legacy residents to enjoy.


With winter rapidly approaching, I am hoping both towers get enclosed in their entirety soon!

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