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Tile and Granite Decisions

It’s been a bit since I made the Tile and Granite selections for the new condo in The Legacy.  My overall goal for the space was to keep it light and bright, and of course, tie the spaces together.

The kitchen granite drove the selections – as it was a lighter granite with burgundy flecks and greenish gray subtle veining running through it.  Keep in mind the cabinetry in the bathrooms and kitchen will be chocolate brown (the same as what I currently have at Stonebridge).  The below pictures does not do it justice but, it does give a sense of the colors and veining.

The master bath has a silver speckled granite with a grayish tile on the floor.  The silver specks in the granite will make the two vanity lights tie in.  In addition, what will jump out will be the 15 inch subway tile that will be installed on shower walls contrasting with the 2 by 2 inch dark gray tile for the shower floor.  I think the look will be very glamorous!

The spare bathroom I wanted to bring in the bluish green light out from the light from the vanity.  You should be able to see the bluish green in the granite which should go well with the light.

And, we can’t forget about the laundry room…here, I kept the grayish tones, but lightened it up so the laundry room would be light and bright.  I also, wanted some veining in the tile so not every hair and dirt would show up.


I had a lot of fun putting this altogether.  I can’t wait for seeing the real thing when I am actually able to walk thru the condo!  The Legacy is still saying people will start moving in September 2018, but, I am hopeful that it will be sooner 🙂

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