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Closing in August 2018?

Exciting….I received a phone call a for scheduling closing of The Legacy condo.  The earliest I could schedule it was in August 2018.  Way cool and AHEAD of schedule.  Amazing for that size of a building.

In looking back, I realized it has been since November where I have posted pictures of the building.  The below pictures are from January 21, 2018.

Here are snapshots of the 17 story tower:

After looking at these pictures again, they have a long way to go even on the outside to hit the August 2018 deadline.  It will be fun to watch.

The 14 story tower is where the new condo is located.  I only have a couple of pics because my dog did not want to get closer – he was being a little stubborn.  Please note, I did try to ‘circle’ where the condo would be located on one of the pics.

Hope you enjoyed The Legacy update!

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