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Storage Inventory and Cleanup Update

As the new building The Legacy is being built, I embarked on organizing the Storage Unit and so far I have completed the following:

  1. Emptied 4 bins and donated the items to Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity depending on what the item was
  2. Inventoried all bins/items and created a spreadsheet to list items within bins.  This took a long time to get through, but, has already proved to be helpful when I started decorating for the Holidays.

Here is a sample of the spreadsheet – where I labeled each item/bin with a number, location, and what was in the bin/item.  Also, I noted if there was room in the bin and where the bin/item should be stored in the new condo at The Legacy.

Storage Inventory Sample

I have a couple of more items to get rid of before I do final pictures of the Before and After.  Until then, here is the original post of my plan to complete Storage Inventory and Cleanup.