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Highly functional laundry closet

This may be a dorky blog, however, when anyone comes to visit me and Reggie (my dog) at the condo and when I give the tour, I show them the highly functional laundry closet as well as the rest of my place.  Please note, I did not clean this closet prior to taking pictures because it always looks like this (everything has it’s place) unless, of course clothes are drying on the rack.

Learning how to organize and create a highly functional laundry closet takes imagination and lots of researching different tools.  Small solutions I learned have big returns.  Take for example, the small aluminum shelves on the right wall.

These shelves are large enough to hold bottles but still compact enough for the closet door to shut and it does not limit my ability to use the dryer.  It took me a bit to find these shelves on but, they are totally worth it.

Also, note, I have two bins on top of the dryer where hangers are stored in one, and dirty dog towels and used rags are in the other (until it’s full for me to wash the towels/rags).

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