WELCOME to the Décorganize website! 

I am not sure where Décorganize is going to go this time, but, what I do know is that I enjoy decorating, writing about it, and taking pictures.  This website will continue to evolve as I figure out what this journey is.

Please be sure to check out the Case Studies and the Blog entries under the Home page.  Thank you for stopping by.


Why Stage a House?

Potential home buyers make a decision within the first 10 seconds upon entering a home.  First impressions are key to selling a home.  Staging a home is a way to showcase the home’s features for a quicker sale at a higher price.  Staging prepares the home for a buyer to view the home as if it was theirs.

Selling your home, oftentimes your biggest investment, is exciting for a homeowner!  However, preparing the home can be stressful and even overwhelming.  Using my exceptional staging abilities, I can:

  • Create an open flow between rooms
  • Highlight focal points and selling features in each room
  • Strategically place furniture to help buyers envision each room’s possibilities
  • De-clutter to create a home buyers can easily see themselves in

Why Redesign?

Have you ever walked into a room in your house, and thought there must be a better way to organize, arrange or make this room more effective?  Have you moved into a home with ideas of paint colors or to arrange the furniture, yet nothing changed, even if it has been 3 or so years?  Redesign services gives you a new perspective.  In learning what functional requirements are needed, assessing the flow of the room, and addressing furniture arrangement, solutions can be identified.

If you are a homeowner who wants to make a change by updating one or more rooms, or need help organizing an area of your home, the services below will help you!

  • Optimal design fit for each room based on your specific needs
  • Design element matching for your unique desired emotional impact and style

Décorganize is owned and operated by Shari Lensing, a Certified Home Staging Expert.  The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serves both Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as outlying areas.

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