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Crane removed

The Legacy seems like it hit a milestone.  The crane by the 14 story tower was taken apart – it was the crane that seemed to be on top of my patio.  It was cool to see.

The below pictures are the north side of the 14 story building where there is no longer a crane!

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Time Sucker

Another gotcha when buying a place is how much time you spend providing documentation to the mortgage company for qualifying for a mortgage.  Even though my closing is not until August, I spent 4-5 hours on a Saturday afternoon recently combing through my statements to prove where my down payments came from.  Compounded with my printer running out of ink and it taking long than I thought, I was surprised that I wiped out an entire Saturday afternoon.

I agree that you need to be able to afford the house/condo you are buying, but, oh my goodness scanning documents and logging into multiple websites to save the document off to send it on the the mortgage company takes more time than you think.  If you think you can whip it out in an hour multiply that by 3.

Just keep that in mind if you are buying a place in 2018!

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Storage Inventory and Cleanup Update

As the new building The Legacy is being built, I embarked on organizing the Storage Unit and so far I have completed the following:

  1. Emptied 4 bins and donated the items to Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity depending on what the item was
  2. Inventoried all bins/items and created a spreadsheet to list items within bins.  This took a long time to get through, but, has already proved to be helpful when I started decorating for the Holidays.

Here is a sample of the spreadsheet – where I labeled each item/bin with a number, location, and what was in the bin/item.  Also, I noted if there was room in the bin and where the bin/item should be stored in the new condo at The Legacy.

Storage Inventory Sample

I have a couple of more items to get rid of before I do final pictures of the Before and After.  Until then, here is the original post of my plan to complete Storage Inventory and Cleanup.


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Closing in August 2018?

Exciting….I received a phone call a for scheduling closing of The Legacy condo.  The earliest I could schedule it was in August 2018.  Way cool and AHEAD of schedule.  Amazing for that size of a building.

In looking back, I realized it has been since November where I have posted pictures of the building.  The below pictures are from January 21, 2018.

Here are snapshots of the 17 story tower:

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Tile and Granite Decisions

It’s been a bit since I made the Tile and Granite selections for the new condo in The Legacy.  My overall goal for the space was to keep it light and bright, and of course, tie the spaces together.

The kitchen granite drove the selections – as it was a lighter granite with burgundy flecks and greenish gray subtle veining running through it.  Keep in mind the cabinetry in the bathrooms and kitchen will be chocolate brown (the same as what I currently have at Stonebridge).  The below pictures does not do it justice but, it does give a sense of the colors and veining.

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It’s coming along!

Here’s an update on The Legacy…it’s coming along definitely.  The 17 story tower has been completely poured so the construction workers are working to close in the building.


The 14 story tower where I will be living the floors have not all been poured.  At last count, they have poured 12 out of the 14 floors…getting close.


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