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Highly functional laundry closet

This may be a dorky blog, however, when anyone comes to visit me and Reggie (my dog) at the condo and when I give the tour, I show them the highly functional laundry closet as well as the rest of my place.  Please note, I did not clean this closet prior to taking pictures because it always looks like this (everything has it’s place) unless, of course clothes are drying on the rack.

Learning how to organize and create a highly functional laundry closet takes imagination and lots of researching different tools.  Small solutions I learned have big returns.  Take for example, the small aluminum shelves on the right wall.

These shelves are large enough to hold bottles but still compact enough for the closet door to shut and it does not limit my ability to use the dryer.  It took me a bit to find these shelves on but, they are totally worth it.

Also, note, I have two bins on top of the dryer where hangers are stored in one, and dirty dog towels and used rags are in the other (until it’s full for me to wash the towels/rags).

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Storage Inventory and Cleanup Update

As the new building The Legacy is being built, I embarked on organizing the Storage Unit and so far I have completed the following:

  1. Emptied 4 bins and donated the items to Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity depending on what the item was
  2. Inventoried all bins/items and created a spreadsheet to list items within bins.  This took a long time to get through, but, has already proved to be helpful when I started decorating for the Holidays.

Here is a sample of the spreadsheet – where I labeled each item/bin with a number, location, and what was in the bin/item.  Also, I noted if there was room in the bin and where the bin/item should be stored in the new condo at The Legacy.

Storage Inventory Sample

I have a couple of more items to get rid of before I do final pictures of the Before and After.  Until then, here is the original post of my plan to complete Storage Inventory and Cleanup.


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Orange Zest

Get a fresh start with juicy hues that perk up a flat palette or kick off a bold new look.  Susan Hable Smith says “Orange stimulates enthusiasm.”  In addition, “It’s a vital color, so it works well in a room with a lot of activity.”  You could be bold with an orange wall or even kitchen cupboards.  Also, orange can be brought in with orange colored canvas boxes, trays, pillows, storage ottomans, and other accessories.

Try pairing several orange colors in one room.  “I like to put colors together that don’t match but that are in the same family, all on top of each other,” Susan says.  “That layering makes things interesting.”

One other thing to note is “All values of gray – muted to charcoal – work with a range of oranges,” Susan says.  “A room with washed gray woods and a chair upholstered in a vibrant orange would be fabulous.”

“These colors bring up memories of vacations and beach fun.  That’s reason enough to bring them into your home!”  –Susan Hable Smith

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Harvest Hues

If you are after comfort and warmth, the rich tones of harvest colors are ripe for picking.  San Francisco designer Cecilie Starin stated “Harvest-inspired colors signify a passage from one season to another and set a warm mood inside the home.”

Dish towels, throw pillows, vases or other types of vessels are a good way to bring in the autumn reds and golds.  It’s a way to bring the intense and warm colors into the space without overpowering it.  Another way to prevent rich harvest colors from overheating a room, add sleek silvery accents instead of brass.  Pairing a harvest hue with gray or cornflower blue has the same cooling effect.

Use a deep color such as chestnut or rusty red for a dramatic effect in a powder room, small den or entry way.  When you have a really small room where there’s no way you’re going to make look big, make it dramatic.


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Storage Inventory and Cleanup

As the new building is being built, I am in waiting mode so I thought I would embark on organizing the Storage Unit.  There are a couple of reasons for doing this now:

  1. Opportunity to get rid of stuff I have not used for 2 1/2 years.  Why move it next year?
  2. Still waiting to do the finish selections (wood floor, carpet, cabinetry, granite, etc) so I have time now.  Doing the selections always take longer than you would expect.
  3. I also remember how much time it took to get qualified for the mortgage loan when I moved into the Stonebridge Lofts building.  It was surprising how much time it takes to find and scan documents for the underwriters.
  4. I have noticed when I try to ‘find’ stuff, I am forever looking in multiple bins to find what I was looking for.  Very time consuming.

The Unit itself is 4 feet by 8 feet and pretty full from what you can see in the pictures.

My plan is to go through each of the bins/containers and inventory each of them by creating a spreadsheet to capture the items and the location of the bins themselves.  It will be a big undertaking!

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Flower Yellows

Summer gives us long days and gardens brimming with fresh faced blooms.  Sara Tuttle, a Virginia-based designer shared “If you can find the right shade,” she says, “you’ll be amazed how young, fresh, and modern it can be.”

A few tips from Sara Tuttle:

  1.  Pick the right base.  “Stay away from white-based yellows – they can turn out chalky and cold.”
  2. Use a bright yellow in low-light or north-facing rooms.  “Not all colors can warm up a room that doesn’t get a ton of natural light like yellows can.”
  3. “Don’t be afraid to layer in other yellows throughout the room even if you have yellow walls.”  Look to nature, where a mix of shades creates pleasing landscapes.

Nature is inspiration and a neutral for finding inspiration for layering in any color.

Spring Blooms

Green is nature’s neutral

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